WDR pro tool doesnt detect my WD 1tb

Repairing WD drives.
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WDR pro tool doesnt detect my WD 1tb

Postby joncenawordlife » Thu Dec 31, 2015 2:49 pm


WDR pro tool (demo and crack ver.) doesnt detect my WD 1tb hard drive.

I need to clear the smart status.

It only detects my Seagate hard drives. What could be wrong?

I have 2 working WD drives 320gb and 1tb working perfectly fine but

this tool doesnt recognise them either on Primary/Secondary/usb and

custom port settings.

Whatever port I select it only shows seagate drives in both Royl and


Help me get my WD disks detect in this tool.

Or is there any other tool available for WD drives?

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