Data Loss Prevention?

Tips on how to avoid the need for data recovery ! Disaster Planning.
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Data Loss Prevention?

Postby visz » Sat Nov 02, 2013 4:23 pm

Here are few tips to prevent data loss..members are welcome to share as well

1) a UPS + Surge protector
2) Backup Solutions,should backup data simultaneously

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Re: Data Loss Prevention?

Postby HaQue » Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:45 am

2) Backup Solutions,should backup data simultaneously

Yes there are a number of things that users should do to prevent data loss. Not a trivial issue here..

Data loss is sometimes mistakenly thought to equal hard disk crashes, failed flash drives and other catastrophes.

It is easy for us to say "well what did you expect? You didn't back up". and other such negative things to users.

What we have to remember is that most users are at a major disadvantage now. They did not learn about computers, data, storage in any depth that could help them, and digital life is very complicated. Average houses can have 3 or 4 smartphones, a few tablets, multiple USB drives, Multiple Hard Drives in their laptops/desktops, multiple external drives, gaming consoles, Media Players, even GPS units containing data they want to keep. While some of it may not seem important, I have learnt that different data can be VERY different in its importance to users, and to not judge by what I would think is important.

Think of a family going to visit a relative in another state way in the country, plugging in the data to the GPS and going there. a few years later, that relative dies and the user wants to go and visit, but does not have any idea where it was. I hear of similar things all the time.
"my certificates are all scanned on the USB and we lost the originals in the fire"
"my baby photos are on that drive and we have no copies"
"the camera card isn't working and we didn't get the photos off"
"my thesis I was working on til 4am this morning is on the computer that the HDD crashed in"

etc etc..

OK, so backup you say.. So, lets copy everything.. Hmm, computers added up = 10TB. Gaming systems and related cards = 500Gb. Smartphone backups and iTunes Library, contacts and pictures etc = 10Gb

External Hard Drives = 4Gb, Flash drives = 120Gb

Now lets bring it all together and copy to what? another few external drives. So grab all the devices and start copying. I am sure you would see this as a major task in any "normal" household. Now move forward a month. How is all that archived data looking as opposed to the "current situation"?

OK, so maybe just backup the important data? well I challenge any "normal" household to sort through all their data and easily do this. I have tried to do it myself - it aint easy.

So how about just starting off with a proper backup routine. Well none of us are at a starting point.

Ok, so maybe we need to get a freeing that does know how to do this - PROPERLY - to help. Well how many people do YOU know that does know how to do this?.. hmm off the top of my head - about 3 (maybe). But I know many people and family members, not even a full time effort would make a dent.

This whole digital life needs a re-write.

It would be interesting to see a ratio - a true ratio - of [all the people you know] V [all the people you know that backup properly as to never "lose" data] I am guessing in the 0. something percent.

So what is the solution? I don't know but we need to do more than tell people to backup. They know they should, but the message is like Don't smoke, or don't drink drive.

Im sorry for the Jaded look, but on this one I am really disillusioned.

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