How to read a Samsung PCB ROM with SRT :

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How to read a Samsung PCB ROM with SRT :

Postby Spildit » Sat Feb 07, 2015 4:24 pm

On this guide I will show how to read a Samsung drive ROM using the Samsung Repair Tool.

- Make sure you have a TTL adaptor and that you connect it to the Samsung drive. Read the following threads for more info :



- You will need a copy of SRT (or any other Samsung Firmware tool that allows ROM reading by terminal) :


- Connect the drive whose ROM you want to read by TTL and ATA (IDE/SATA) and open the SRT software.

- Go to Options - Ports - Custom and you will see a window with the ports detected on your system. Be aware that the SRT software requires a 32 BIT Windows system with Admin privileges account. If not the driver to communicate with the drive will not be installed properly and you will not see any ports on the mentioned window.


- Now that you have selected the correct port go to HDD and chose the Samsung type of drive you want to read ROM from. A window will pop-up with some details about your drive. Right click on it and chose Service - Terminal or click on the respective Terminal icon.


- On the terminal window go to Settings - Com Port and make sure you have the correct settings there, if you haven't configure it yet.


- Go to Settings - Connect or click on the respective icon to connect the terminal. Then test to see if all is working by going to Info and then, for example - Help. You should see some messages on the terminal window.


- Now that you have confirmed that the terminal is working go to Service - Read Flash (or Flash Trinity depending on the drive) on the terminal window and wait for it to read.


- The dump of your ROM will be saved on the working directory, by default c:\work1. Open the file with an hex-editor and confirm it's validity. SRT will NOT be able to read ROM on modern Samsung drives and you will see "Bad Sector" all over the ROM DUMP instead of valid ROM code.


- Done.
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