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Discussion about SeDiv for Seagate, Hitachi and WD.
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sediv full

Postby hddman » Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:24 am

Offer applies to the full version sediv

We are the official distributor for the whole of Europe

Probably the most powerful machines on the market today in terms of repair and data recovery

Supported operating system Windows 7 / XP

Supported discs:
WD / Seagate / Toshiba / Samsung

 Price for new customers $ 700 Software license
 Or a complete equipment $ 790

   We provide technical support

training, etc.
the question of arrangements

Below only piece of functionality

Descriptions and hardware features

Western Digital
1. All operations ROM reading, writing and adaptation.
2. All modules read and write operations.
3. All activities Turack reading and writing.
4. All operations remedial Albad Sictor.
5. rolled population is excellent and strong.
6. Cut professionally.
7. Supports all models Royl 8 hz.
8. The program can work Surf zone.
9. You can work for Bad Al-servs and treatment.
10. Supports CUT ownership of dead zones in the Head Royl.
11. does check on the head several professional ways.
12. to do all kinds of Al-arco.
13. The work of reconstruction Module 01 & 02 & 03.
14. You can cut Head in RAM.
15. Heid adjusts the direction to the normal position.
16. The user can customize the way for DCM, TPI, DEC-REA SEKFNCJI.
17. All the work of Al-smart inspection and unloading.
18. rom doing all this hardat Al-1640 and above.
19. flist editing and control.
20. The forcing difficult to read Alservs Larrea in any problems.
21. The user can operate the loading module 11 & 12 & 13 & 5C & 1B.
22. adjusts each area head, showing all the space in a new,
because they are not equal, and there are problems in the cutting head.
23. repair of damaged Sector.
24. doing adaptive warheads and the signal preamplifier.
25. as tapping 3 times, then stop to fix the problem.
26. The user can control the reading and loading.
27. The task of generating new P-LIST & T-lists.
28. Delete the password of all kinds all kinds of discs wd
the old and the modern media.
29. Control of AF P-list.
30. operation of all functions of the so-called trans interpreter.
31. Action ARCO 44 and 46 professionally.
32. Arco transition from their working places.
33. Extract.
34. Action Script Repair.
35. Add to Arco script to ensure the success of the recovery operation.
36. Housing and erase all models and processed automatically.
37. Control boss bot to another.
38. Action C4-4A improve job parameter.
39. CXX work to correct all types of work Al test parameter.
40. solve the problem of slowness in the Royal. (Called Slov)
41. Action Param through proper Param.
42- Option B2 Fix Error unique.
43. frozen hard by the freeze.
44. decoded modern models that do not work even in the PC 3000.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------

1. unpack all Bas ord Al old and new family.
2. operation of all functions of inspection and unloading.
3. Remove the Al-bad Sector in the old and new series.
4. Inspection and F3 Classic and unloading.
5. deport G-List P-List.
6-control all the functions Translator in F3.
7. Cut the green and red sectors in F3.
8. defect fault stop.
9. Show married F3 and work is cut out HZ in F3.
10. Research HEID many ways in F3.
11. Surface 0 faults in F3.
12. Repair all continuous failures in F3.
13. You can make a script Albad Sector Reform in F3.
14. Change the model F3.
15. Read rom in F3.
16. Reading and writing module F3.
17. Solve all the faults F3.
18-reading and writing in the Roman Clasic.
19. Reading and writing methods in the Classic.
20. Fixed the crash GS2-GS3 in the Classic.
21. Repair faults Classic and difficult to read.
22. integration of G-List to P-List in the Classic.
23. Action research one of the many disadvantages in professional Classic.
24. Action Cut Damaged head in the Classic.
25-truncated activity in the cell population
controlling population script progeniturach.
28. Dealing with all the functions of the terminal.
29 Add----- which contains a large set of parameters
Pul on relocation bad sectors.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------
Three: Samsung
1 reading ROM.
2. modules -radzenia in reading and writing.
3. Disposal allocation watching and unloading.
4. Dealing with translation.
5. control model hard drive.
6. Adjust the area of ​​the hard disk.
7. Remove a password.
8 cutting Hz.
9. Cut Heid damaged.
10. Actions ancestor population.
- Repair of failure pcb.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------


1. Proceedings of the toshiba ATA quickly without Terminal.
2. Delete the password.
3. Controlling editing read and write module.
4. control of viewing and unloading.
5. Work on the modules in reading and writing.
6-checking and editing the model serial mdl.
7. Control of hard disk space Al-toshiba.
8. Cut the damaged hz.
9. Cut Heid damaged.
10. Research Heid.
11. You can cut out the dead space on the disk automatically.
12. fix the fault in extreme slow Al -toshiba.
13. Cache fault solution.

Of course, it is also full of work in the so-called HEX for very experienced in the field of DR

Below a few pics illustrative Work zone

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